Monument Metals Reviews

Monument Metals is an online dealer that sells gold, silver, and platinum products. The company also offers palladium and pre-1933 coins.

Monument Metals is a trusted veteran-owned precious metal investment company that has been serving its clients since 2014. They have a high rating with Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Service

Monument Metals is a veteran-owned dealer in precious metal investments that was founded in Frederick, Maryland in 2014. They offer fair prices and excellent customer service. Their outstanding ratings on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau confirm that they are a good choice for investors.

The company is known for their professional staff, whose goal is to provide clients with helpful support and help them make well-informed decisions. Unlike most companies that employ salespeople who try to sell their products, Monument Metals doesn’t pressure its clients into buying anything they don’t want.

To protect their clients, Monument Metals reviews credit card orders on an order-by-order basis and may decline any payment that they consider suspicious or questionable. They also reserve the right to cancel your order and levy market loss charges on any unpaid balances.

Product Inventory

Monument Metals provides a comprehensive inventory of gold, silver, and platinum products for investors to choose from. They also offer palladium products, which include government minted coins and bars.

The company focuses on transparency, which helps their clients to make informed decisions about precious metals and rare coins. This is done by displaying real-time prices on their website.

They also offer a 3.75% cash discount on their list prices when you use a certified check, personal check, e-check, wire transfer, or money order as payment. However, these discounts are not given when you pay through a credit card.

The company also offers a variety of options for clients to choose from, including free shipping and coupon codes. These options can help you save a lot of money on your purchase. The company also offers a five-day return policy for customers who are unsatisfied with their products.

Return Policy

Monument Metals is a reputable bullion dealer that offers great prices and excellent customer service. It also has strict quality assessment standards to ensure that the products it sells are of high quality and are recognized worldwide.

Their product inventory includes gold coins, such as American Gold Eagles, Canadian Gold Maples, Chinese Silver Pandas, and more. They also offer a variety of silver coins, including $5 Liberty Half Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars.

They have a wide selection of platinum products, as well. Some of their options include government-minted palladium coins and 1 oz palladium bars.

If you’re looking for a more diverse portfolio, Monument Metals also has a wide range of copper items. They carry items like 1 oz copper rounds and wheat cents, which aren’t common in the industry.

Monument Metals accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, e-checks, and wire transfers. Their pricing is transparent, and their prices often beat the rates of the largest local coin shops.


Monument metals is a veteran-owned dealer of precious metal investments. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Frederick, Maryland. The company offers fair prices and a commitment to customer service.

They don’t impose minimum orders on sales, and they don’t charge commissions on credit card payments. Additionally, they offer free shipping with any order over $199.

Another benefit of this family-owned business is its efficiency and strong ties to the industry. This helps them source the best rare coins and bullion at competitive rates.

To open an account with Monument Metals, you need to visit their website and click the “Register” icon. Then, you’ll be asked for your email address and name. You can also create a password to protect your information. It’s a quick process, and you can start shopping right away.