Strata Trust Company IRA Custodian Review

strata trust company fees

Strata Trust Company is an IRA custodian that offers competitive annual fees and can manage self-directed IRAs. The company also has excellent customer service. However, some customers complain that it takes too long for them to process their transactions.

Founded in 2008, Strata Trust provides custodial services for alternative and traditional assets. Their website has a lot of information for prospective clients to read, including detailed fee structures.

Fees for record-keeping

Strata Trust Company is an independent custodian that offers self-directed retirement accounts. Its founders have more than 350 years of combined industry experience, and the company is known for its premium alternative investment services. Strata’s mission is to offer clients the best service possible, and its team strives for integrity and stability.

Unlike many competitors, Strata does not charge an initial fee to open an account. However, the company does require a $250 fee to close an investment account. It’s important to check their fee schedule and read the IRA agreement before making an investment.

Strata has a great website that provides plenty of information for prospective investors. Its blog is frequently updated, and its staff is friendly and helpful. In addition, the company’s employees are passionate about their community and take part in many volunteering events. These events include food and toy drives, fundraisers, walks, and runs that support various causes. These activities help build stronger communities and contribute to positive change.

Fees for wire transfers

Strata Trust Company has been providing self-directed IRA custodial services since 2008. They have more than two billion dollars in managed customer assets and over 50 employees. Their annual fees are lower than many of their competitors and they are transparent about the pricing structure for all services. Their customer service is also excellent and they have a robust resource center. In addition, their president is a woman, which is rare in retirement planning.

However, some customers have complained that they take too long to process transactions. One even reported that it took more than ninety days for a single transaction to be processed. This isn’t a good sign for a custodian, especially if you plan on investing in real estate or other complicated investments. Additionally, Strata charges a $250 fee to close your account. This is a significant amount of money to pay when you’re closing your investment account. This is a big red flag that you should look for in a prospective IRA custodian.

Fees for distributions

Strata Trust Company is a company that works in the self-directed retirement account industry. They specialize in IRAs, which allow investors to invest in alternative assets such as precious metals and real estate. They also offer other types of accounts, such as SIMPLE and SEP IRAs for small businesses.

The company is known for having excellent customer service and affordable pricing. However, it is not without its issues. In one instance, the company took over ninety days to process a transaction for a client. That is far too long, especially when there are other custodians that are much faster and more responsive.

Despite its problems, Strata is still a good choice for retirement account holders. It offers a variety of services and has an impressive number of five-star reviews online. It is important to check the fees and terms of service before deciding to use this company. Those who are not satisfied with their services can switch to another company that offers better customer service.

Fees for closing an account

Strata Trust Company has been in business since 2008 and is known for its premium alternative investments. It offers IRA custodial services for a variety of assets, including real estate, private equity or debt, precious metals, crowdfunding investment portals and more. The company also specializes in allowing IRAs to invest in self-directed vehicles, such as promissory notes and privately-held companies.

The annual account fees are competitive, but Strata charges extra for things like record-keeping and wire transfers. This can add up, especially if you have a large number of transactions. Several customers have complained that it takes too long for Strata to process their transactions.

Strata’s management and executive team are experienced in the retirement industry. Their experience includes a combined 350 years of industry knowledge and expertise. The company is well-versed in IRS guidelines and regulations. It is also a member of the Retirement Industry Trust Association. Its executives and managers are dedicated to providing excellent service to their clients.