Tangible Investments Laguna Beach

tangible investments laguna beach

Tangible investments laguna beach is a one-of-a-kind business that deals in gold coins, precious metals, currency, jewelry and fine art. It is considered a financial institution and is open during the “Stay in Shelter” executive order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Savers who buy tangible goods for investment purposes value them as a form of value diversification and as a hedge against economic uncertainty. They believe that tangible assets represent a higher change at high returns than capital assets, such as stocks and bonds.

We Buy & Sell Gold

Gold is one of the best investments around. It’s durable, it can be resold, and it isn’t as susceptible to devaluation as other commodities. But if you have a lot of it and want to sell it for cash, it’s tough to find a good place to do so.

Dana Point Gold and Coin is a family owned and operated precious metal dealer in Orange County. They have a knowledgeable staff known for their helpfulness and fair pricing. They do free appraisals and offer high cash offers for jewelry, flatware, bullion, dental gold, coins and scrap gold.

We buy gold in all forms. If you have an old ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings lying around that you’re looking to part with, call us today for a quote! You’ll be glad you did! And you might be surprised by what we’re able to pay for your prized possessions. It might be the best money you’ve ever made!

We Buy & Sell Silver

We buy all forms of silver, from coins and bars to jewelry and flatware. If you have silver that is not being used, we can help you sell it for cash.

We also buy rare gold and silver coins, as well as bullion. We are a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer and have been serving Orange County coin investors for more than 30 years.

We buy all kinds of coins, including Canadian Maple Leaves, Austrian Phillharmonics, American Eagles, Mexican Pesos and Onzas, South African Kruggerands, Great Britain Crowns and Sovereigns, French and Swiss Francs, Chinese Pandas, Italian Lire and Isle of Man Crowns. We especially look for any silver coins that are 18th century or hand-hammered. We also buy any pieces with dragons, flowers or birds on them. These are all very valuable coins to have around and can add up to big profits! They can be a great investment for your retirement or college funds.

We Buy & Sell Coins

Buying and selling coins is a great way to make money. Many rare and historical coins can reach a significant price at auction.

If you have a collection of coins that you would like to sell, it is a good idea to visit local coin dealers. These shops typically don’t keep a lot of inventory, so they will often offer a lower price than if you visited a shop with an excess supply of the coins you want to sell.

Another option is to sell your coins online. While this is a great way to reach a wide audience, it can be tricky to list your coins effectively.

There are several options for selling coins online, including setting up your own store, using marketplaces, or even conducting an online auction. All of these methods can help you reach more people and increase your profits. However, it is important to choose the method that will be best for you.

We Buy & Sell Jewelry

Whether you’re looking to make a quick cash out of your unwanted jewelry or you’d like to upgrade your current collection, we can help. Our diamond trade-in and upgrade program is a great way to turn those old pieces into a new, more beautiful jewelry piece that you’ll love wearing.

You can also sell your jewelry in person at a local jewelry store, but it’s important to know that these stores are more likely to buy your items with store credit rather than paying you cash. So it’s a good idea to bring some pictures of your jewelry to show them what you have and why you want to sell it.

Another option is to sell your jewelry online with a reputable buyer that insures your item, gives you a FedEx or USPS tracking number and has a robust online presence including a Better Business Bureau rating and hundreds of high Trustpilot reviews. It’s a convenient, fast and private way to get a better price for your jewelry and receive immediate payment.