Vantage Point Stock Reviews

vantage point stock reviews

Vantage point stock software is a reliable piece of trading technology that predicts market trends. Its creator, Louis Mendelsohn, is a pioneer in trading technology and the chairman of Vantage point ai, LLC.

The software’s predictive indicators help traders reduce losses and maximize profits. It also provides forecasts for a variety of markets, including stocks, forex pairs, and commodities.


The Vantage Point software has a lot of sophisticated features. It promises to predict stock markets based on up-to-the-minute news and market research. Traders have praised this software for its ability to give them accurate predictions and provide excellent training. The program also includes a wide range of indicators and reports. It is also said to be more accurate than free resources such as Bloomberg screeners, which can sometimes have lagging results.

The software analyzes the global financial climate and makes predictions based on artificial intelligence. It uses neural network pattern recognition and intermarket analysis to create a forecast. It will also send you a full data report, which you can use to make a trading call in minutes.

While the software is expensive, it has been a reliable tool for traders. Traders can get a one-day demo to learn how to use the software and test out its accuracy before committing to a paid subscription. Moreover, it also offers free live training for its users.


The pricing of VantagePoint is a bit high, making it unfeasible for anyone who is not already a full-time trader. The software itself is reliable and does what it claims, and the training provided is excellent. However, market trading is not a foolproof way to make money and should only be done with funds that can be easily replaced.

The software uses neural network pattern recognition and intermarket analysis to generate forecasts for markets. These forecasts can be used to make trading calls in a short amount of time, which makes the software very useful for traders. In addition, the company provides free live training to its users. However, it should be noted that the software does not guarantee accuracy as there are unpredictable elements in the market. This is why it is important to consider other sources of market information. Moreover, the user interface is not intuitive, so it can be difficult for novices to use.

Customer service

Vantage Point has a good customer service team that is dedicated to solving problems. They have a high response rate and provide excellent training. They also offer live trading support. They cover multiple markets, including stocks and ETFs. They have a robust product with advanced intermarket analysis. They use neural network pattern recognition to produce accurate market forecasts. They also provide free live training to new users.

The software is available in several packages, and each one includes different add-ons. They also have a demo program that gives you a chance to try the software for a day before you make your decision. The software comes with a one-day money-back guarantee, and you can also choose to pay a monthly fee of $35 for software updates and additional data.


VantagePoint is a reliable piece of software that does exactly what it promises. It comes with comprehensive training and has a long history of stability. However, it isn’t the best tool for beginners, and its high accuracy level does not mitigate all risks. Furthermore, its pricing may be out of reach for most people.

The program is available in several bundles categorized by the add-ons that are included. You can also try out a one-day demo version to decide whether you want to purchase it. The company also offers a monthly subscription for software updates and additional data at a price of $35. Additionally, the company provides a free live training class where you can learn how to use the software. However, this class does not include a demonstration of the product’s predictive capabilities. The software uses neural network pattern recognition and advanced intermarket analysis to predict market forecasts. The program also covers multiple markets, including ETFs and cryptocurrencies.